Monday, 16 September 2013

Ontario's West Coast - Sept 2013 (Trip # 15) Sept 2013

The back to school trip up the Ontario coast of Lake Huron from Sarnia to the Bruce Peninsula.  Camped in 3 Provincial Parks:

* Pinery Provincial Park
* Point Farms Provincial Park
* Sauble Falls Provincial Park

Loved the sunsets, dog beaches and the flatwater river kayaking.

Here are a few pics from Pinery PP near Grand Bend, ON.

Sunset over Lake Huron.

Heron along Old Ausable Channel.

  Insect damage on a log.

Catching a few rays of afternoon sun.

Next are pics from Point Farms PP, near Goderich, ON.

Turkey tail fungi on a log.

Goldenrod in the fields of the old Victorian resort.

Clam digging along the Lake Huron shoreline.

Salt-laden freighter leaving the Sifto plant in Goderich.

Here are a few pics from Sauble Falls PP and the Bruce Peninsula.


Wingfield Basin on the east side of the Bruce Peninsula, near the Cabot Head lighthouse (where you can stay for a week as an assistant lighthouse keeper!).

Paddling on the Sauble River.

Sauble Falls in the provincial park.

Cardinal flower along the Rankin River.

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