Saturday, 15 June 2013

North Bend SP, WVa (Trip # 11) June 2013

Love West Virginia - reminds me of northern Ontario without the bugs!  June was a great time to go - no problem getting a campsite as school is not out yet, but the weather is great.

Irises in Tomlinson Run State Park on the northern tip of West Virginia.

There's more than one Toronto!

Trail in North Bend State Park, WVa.


Paddling the North Fork Hughes River - artificially dammed to prevent flooding downstream in Cairo during heavy storms.

Fritillary butterfly along Rail Trail.

Black ratsnake along North Bend Rail Trail.

Sweet pea along the North Fork Hughes River.

Along the back roads of West Virginia.

Flickers in North Bend State Park.


Toxic caterpillar of the Buck Moth.

Butterfly weed along the North Bend Rail Trail.

Double rainbow over the campground after a tornado watch.


Luna moth on the restroom screen.

Biking in the tunnels of the North Bend Rail Trail.

View of the North Fork Hughes River from the boat launch.

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