Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tygart Lake State Park, WVa (Trip # 3) August 2012

A long 1 day drive from Stouffville, this park is south of Morgantown, WVa.  The last couple of years, I always wanted to see West Virginia - it did not disappoint!  Not a lot of people here in the park this year as a drought forced them to remove the marina.  Shortly thereafter, the water levels returned.  This was a 10 day trip. ( )

Tygart Lake from shoreline.

Mystery fungus.

Another mystery fungus.

All by ourselves.

Another gourmet camp meal.

Just before she took off on us, hunting deer.  It took about 15 minutes before she finally wandered back - hot, tired and thirsty.  Boy, there are a lot of deer here!

I was banned from going on the dam tour, as all foreign nationals must undergo an FBI background check 30 days in advance.  Damn!  Since our dog is from Ohio, I'm sure she would have been fine.

Calm morning on the lake.

Side trip to Valley Falls State Park ( ).

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